I wanted to share with you guys my latest work, which also happens to be one of my favorite projects to date. I worked with Katie Carpenter and Joe Salvatore to create these visuals for Meshki and Meshki Swim. While the end product is the ultimate goal, I value and appreciate the time spent developing the concept, and the ideas bounced between the three of us when we were deciding how we wanted to execute it. We represented this swim line in a powerful, badass, bold, spirited, yet also very feminine and sensual light. We're making a statement that it's okay to be soft and beautiful and still be strong. So many people associate femininity with weakness. How is it weak to be completely comfortable in your body, unafraid to be vulnerable and to take control of how you present yourself when so much of the world is so quick to be judgmental? I want to hear what femininity means to you.

On an unrelated note, I've been so lucky to meet such remarkable people through photography connections. I think there are certain people in this world that have so much creativity, thoughts and ideas brewing inside them that they'll go crazy if they don't get it all out in some type of outlet, whether it's through photography, modeling, video, makeup, hair...I could go on. When you assemble a group of those people together it can be pretty powerful and motivating. 

ANYWAYS, here it is. I'm calling this entire project "THRILLS." Video shot and edited by Joe Salvatore (@joesalvatore_) Photography by me (@samdemartinphoto) and Model is Katie Carpenter (KatiieCarpenter) for Meshki Swim (@meshkiswim).