My favorite editing tools!

I'm making this post to give a little glimpse into my editing process for other fellow photographers. I always like to learn and take away a little something from other people so I thought I'd start to share some tips, tricks and tools I use to give my photos a distinct look. 

Like most photographers in this day and age, I find Lightroom to be a suitable editing program, especially for editing large batches of photos. If I feel certain photos need more tweaks or heavier edits, I'll bring it into photoshop, but for the most part, Lightroom works just fine. There have been so many times where I've wanted to add sunlight without just using the temperature slider to a large batch of photos, but bringing them into photoshop and adding an overlay to every single one just wasn't realistic. Luckily, I was introduced to MCP Actions - Illuminate Presets. I found them to be completely simple and easy to use, adding the warmth and light I wanted to add to my photos with one click. These presets allow me to keep my signature style and coloring, but add in the little bit of flair that it was missing. I highly recommend adding this to your toolbox photographers, I know it'll be a regular in mine!

For this set of photos, I mostly found myself using the golden, rosy, or orange sun streams. I could definitely see how the other colors would come in super helpful though, and will for sure be using them in future photos. I'm especially excited to see how they look on sunrise/sunsets!

For anyone interested in trying these out, here's the link:

*Model - Katie Youngman*