Girls Girls Girls

I read Amy Poehler's book, Yes Please, a few months ago, and one phrase in her book has stuck with me since then. "Good for her! Not for me." I believe this simple motto is both extremely significant and relevant in the female empowerment revolution. Working with, and photographing women on a regular basis has molded and shaped my views on what it means to be empowered, and to be quite honest, there's no one right or wrong answer. Some women find themselves most empowered when they're completely free and showing off their body, whether it's rock hard abs they worked hard for, their beautiful, feminine curves, or anything in between. Some women find themselves most empowered when they're displaying their fashion and letting their personality come to life in the clothes they wear and the style they create. Some find empowerment through conversational pieces and sharing knowledge. Who are we to judge if one woman's ideals are not the same as our own? "Good for her! Not for me." If we as women are going to achieve equality, we need to be more conscious of supporting each other, even when we are different. We need to be intolerant of intolerance. We will all get so much farther, so much faster, if we stand together and celebrate our differences instead of using them to put each other down. 


Here's a photo I took of my girlfriend Katie, looking badass, beautiful and confident as always. I'm so grateful for our friendship, and the way she supports all the women in our community, including myself is as inspiring as it is impactful.