My favorite editing tools!

I'm making this post to give a little glimpse into my editing process for other fellow photographers. I always like to learn and take away a little something from other people so I thought I'd start to share some tips, tricks and tools I use to give my photos a distinct look. 

Like most photographers in this day and age, I find Lightroom to be a suitable editing program, especially for editing large batches of photos. If I feel certain photos need more tweaks or heavier edits, I'll bring it into photoshop, but for the most part, Lightroom works just fine. There have been so many times where I've wanted to add sunlight without just using the temperature slider to a large batch of photos, but bringing them into photoshop and adding an overlay to every single one just wasn't realistic. Luckily, I was introduced to MCP Actions - Illuminate Presets. I found them to be completely simple and easy to use, adding the warmth and light I wanted to add to my photos with one click. These presets allow me to keep my signature style and coloring, but add in the little bit of flair that it was missing. I highly recommend adding this to your toolbox photographers, I know it'll be a regular in mine!

For this set of photos, I mostly found myself using the golden, rosy, or orange sun streams. I could definitely see how the other colors would come in super helpful though, and will for sure be using them in future photos. I'm especially excited to see how they look on sunrise/sunsets!

For anyone interested in trying these out, here's the link:

*Model - Katie Youngman*



Cryin’ won’t help you, prayin’ won’t do you no good

The last few weeks I've done a lot of reflecting on my work with models. I was having major inner conflict because I felt like I was starting to lose creative control over the work I was putting out, or second guessing if I was giving concepts enough thought. On top of that, I've been wondering if it's considered selling out if I'm creating things for the sole purpose of trying to work with brands or grow my following, or put work out that is trendy and I know people will like. I want to create things with meaning, and things that I'm proud of but is it possible to create a platform without doing all the other things that you don't necessarily consider to have "real meaning" or are just glorified ads? Do I just have control issues??? Is it possible to be both??? Am I absolutely crazy??? I have so many questions!!!!

Insert my friend Sarah Liddell who part-owns an awesome art shop/gallery in Allentown. She suggested the idea of having a gallery showing of my work sometime next year. I don't think she knew it, but it completely sparked something inside of me.

I want to spend my summer creating and telling a story or rather several stories to put on display. For me, photography is trying to get what's inside of thoughts, feelings and ideas...out onto print or a screen. It's the best way I know how to express my emotions. I have to remember to maintain control over it at all times and not let it get away from me or venture into something that's not me so it can remain completely authentic, and that's always been something I've struggled with when shooting models. Let's be honest, it's easier to shoot things you know people will like or that are on trend or that are beautiful. Art doesn't always have to be beautiful though, and it's not how I feel inside so I want to be able to show that and let the walls down for others to see. 

When I meet models that I feel can see the "real" me, I try to keep them around. I began this project with Jillian Brennan aka one of the girls that has a piece of my soul. I'm going to keep most of this project under wraps I think, but I just wanted to share with you guys a preview of what's to an undisclosed date next year;). Very mysterious of me, I know.

I was fortunately able to bring my boy Joe Salvatore along for a behind the scenes look, Joe doing amazing work as always with that killer eye of his. One million percent recommend him to anyone looking for video work! 




I wanted to share with you guys my latest work, which also happens to be one of my favorite projects to date. I worked with Katie Carpenter and Joe Salvatore to create these visuals for Meshki and Meshki Swim. While the end product is the ultimate goal, I value and appreciate the time spent developing the concept, and the ideas bounced between the three of us when we were deciding how we wanted to execute it. We represented this swim line in a powerful, badass, bold, spirited, yet also very feminine and sensual light. We're making a statement that it's okay to be soft and beautiful and still be strong. So many people associate femininity with weakness. How is it weak to be completely comfortable in your body, unafraid to be vulnerable and to take control of how you present yourself when so much of the world is so quick to be judgmental? I want to hear what femininity means to you.

On an unrelated note, I've been so lucky to meet such remarkable people through photography connections. I think there are certain people in this world that have so much creativity, thoughts and ideas brewing inside them that they'll go crazy if they don't get it all out in some type of outlet, whether it's through photography, modeling, video, makeup, hair...I could go on. When you assemble a group of those people together it can be pretty powerful and motivating. 

ANYWAYS, here it is. I'm calling this entire project "THRILLS." Video shot and edited by Joe Salvatore (@joesalvatore_) Photography by me (@samdemartinphoto) and Model is Katie Carpenter (KatiieCarpenter) for Meshki Swim (@meshkiswim). 




Girls Girls Girls

I read Amy Poehler's book, Yes Please, a few months ago, and one phrase in her book has stuck with me since then. "Good for her! Not for me." I believe this simple motto is both extremely significant and relevant in the female empowerment revolution. Working with, and photographing women on a regular basis has molded and shaped my views on what it means to be empowered, and to be quite honest, there's no one right or wrong answer. Some women find themselves most empowered when they're completely free and showing off their body, whether it's rock hard abs they worked hard for, their beautiful, feminine curves, or anything in between. Some women find themselves most empowered when they're displaying their fashion and letting their personality come to life in the clothes they wear and the style they create. Some find empowerment through conversational pieces and sharing knowledge. Who are we to judge if one woman's ideals are not the same as our own? "Good for her! Not for me." If we as women are going to achieve equality, we need to be more conscious of supporting each other, even when we are different. We need to be intolerant of intolerance. We will all get so much farther, so much faster, if we stand together and celebrate our differences instead of using them to put each other down. 


Here's a photo I took of my girlfriend Katie, looking badass, beautiful and confident as always. I'm so grateful for our friendship, and the way she supports all the women in our community, including myself is as inspiring as it is impactful.